Thursday, February 19, 2009

Interview on IMES Blog

International Market Entry Strategies' David Brown has just posted an interview he did with Mick, jamcode's CEO, and co-founder of the company. In the interview they chat a bit about what we think makes jamcode applications special, talk a bit about our philosophy, and there's a quick mention of our next app, which we're planning to launch soon.

It's a good interview, and there's some good advice in there for aspiring entrepreneurs who are nervous about taking the leap. You can watch it here, and keep an eye on David's Blog; he talks to a lot of interesting people.

James -- Founder and CTO.

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Robert said...

I'd like to see the cursor automatically move to the next grade of gas if the user is inputting price data. If I've entered 299 into a Regular grade price box, it is clear that I'm done with that field. I'd like for the cursor to then be ready for input into the Mid-Grade field without my clicking in that field. When I'm driving by a station and entering the prices for all of the grades, less keystrokes is safer. Ya, I'm a nut in that I do a lot of data entry, but c'mon, be nice to me. :-)