Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Price aging

We do get queries along the lines of "Why will i update a price and the next week it is gone to $0.00". We have to find a good balance between conflicting goals here:

- Display accurate prices
- Constant price data
- Feedback on user input

After 2 or 3 days, a price is normally too out of date to give any meaningful information for comparing stations in a given area. For this reason, after that time we stop showing that price. By coming up as 0.00, this also alerts other users that this station needs to be updated again.

We start showing the age of the price in days to give people a bit more information on this as well. If the price is still accurate, you should be able to just tap the "These prices are still correct" button and we'll reset the age stamps on those prices.

1 comment:

RAmeeti said...

GasBag could be very handy as a Diesel finder as well if there was a modification to the Aging of Diesel prices.

As a forced user of a Diesel truck, I sometimes find myself if the predicament of not knowing where to find Diesel gas when I am traveling in unusual places.

It would be really great if Diesel prices would not expire. I'd much rather have a gas station show up with an old Diesel price than not have any indication that the station even carries Diesel at all. Just being able to know where to find Diesel can be a life saver when you get low and don't know the local outlets for this not always carried gas.