Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today: The Server, Tomorrow: THE WORLD.

Last night, we rolled out a new version of the server code that runs GasBag. This is the nuts and bolts that runs behind the scenes and makes sure that all the prices you've been submitting are made available to all the rest of our community. The new server rollout adds a lot of new stuff, most notably it will be more lenient about what kind of submissions it will accept from our users (hopefully reducing frustration that price-updates don't go through), and it introduces support for international operation (Pounds, Aussie Dollars, Litres, Kilometres and so-on). There's also a lot of other features deep under the hood, but if we've done our job properly, that's all stuff that no-one should ever notice, except that the quality of our data should improve over time. We're pretty excited about it all, because we're planning to use this as the platform to take GasBag to the rest of the world.

This is a move we've been planning for the last couple of months, and is the culmination of a lot of work at our end, and a lot of great feedback from our awesome beta-testers.

That said, if you hit any glitches in the next little while, it's probably because of the new server. We'll be keeping a pretty close eye on it and will be rolling out fixes as soon as we can get them done, but bear with us during this transition period, and we'll try to keep everything humming along.

- James.

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