Friday, October 31, 2008

NY Times review

Peter Wayner from the NY Times posted a general article about iPhone applications related to cars. This covered G-Tac, Dynolicious, Car Care, Rev, Car Finder, and GasBag. You need to register in order to read the article at:

I do still think it's a smart move to source user data and present it in a useful fashion for a free application, although it also presents its own challenges.

Monday, October 13, 2008


We just got a great article from the Sydney Morning Herald describing our collective lack of sleep :-)

I think it's important to note that GasBag is the result of very hard work by everyone at jamcode - while it's fun for me to be a face on the page that doesn't really reflect the reality of what everyone's done so far.

And I was watching Die Hard when that picture was taken :-)

AustralianIT coverage

Mahesh Sharma from the Australian wrote a great piece on jamcode and how far it's come in the month we've been around.,24897,24486900-15306,00.html

Mahesh said "An Aussie-led Silicon Valley start-up could be one of the first groups in the world to develop an advertiser-supported business model for an iPhone application."

I think that's really key to long-term success in this market, building services that actually run at a profit while still being really useful to users.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Dear all,

Well it's been quite an amazing journey since we started this a few months ago. In the 6 weeks we've been on the App Store we've had 100,000 downloads in the United States - a number I never thought we'd reach in such a short time. 

The energy and enthusiasm we get from the user community is great! We're in every state of the US now, and we're hearing a lot of requests from overseas to bring GasBag there. Stay tuned for more details :-)

Friday, October 3, 2008

iTnews coverage

Liz Tay from the wrote a great little piece on GasBag coming to the Australian market.,iphone-startup-brings-fuel-price-app-to-australia.aspx

Liz Tay noted: "Another challenge could be competition from Google, which recently partnered with petrol price monitoring company Motormouth to provide a similar Web-based application."

MotorMouth have a great system that works quite differently from our own, so I'm looking forward to seeing how both types operate in Australia over the next year or so.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More from TechNation

Kim from TechNation did an update on us, particularly with reference to other developments in fuel price mapping for Australia. Good job Kim!

"....the GasBag iPhone app is so much sexier than the google version that on pure usability alone they should come out in front!"

Obviously we've come a long way since the initial post - 2 and a half months of development, 4 weeks on the App Store, and 75,000 users later, I think we can say we've learnt a lot. The trans-Pacific thing has been a challenge but so far we seem to be meeting that.